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Most and least tolerable chemical impurities in water are the hardness producing ions, calcium and magnesium in different concentrations. And they are responsible for the hard scale that deposits and builds up in boiler tubes, pipe lines, condensers jackets, circulating system, cooking utensils and other equipment contracted by hot water.


AQUAION TECHNOLOGY INC Softener is used primarily to produce Zero soft water by highly acidic caption exchanger, which removes calcium and magnesium ions. Which are dissolved hardness producing compounds in the water and are replaced by sodium ions? 


The AQUAION TECHNOLOGY INC series of water softeners are designed for counter current regeneration with up flow rate and co-current regeneration with down flow rate.


AQUAION TECHNOLOGY INC series softeners are designed for longer operating cycles, low regeneration cost. The systems incorporate the proven technique Of counter and co-counter currant regeneration flow rate to economically to suit the demand of soft water for medium scale industries and commercial use.


Boiler & Cooling water feed.
Process water for chemical & textile.
Hospital/Hostels/Homes/Commercial & institutional waterpower plants/Ice plant

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