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Why mineral water ? :

The demand for fresh and hygienically pure water has been ever increasing due to population growth, heavy and unplanned industrialization, and the poor management of ground and other water resources have depleted and diminished the quality of water. These factors force the science and technology to take new measures in treatment of contaminated well waters, polluted rivers, pond waters and even sea waters.


The solution :

”Membrane Technology ” incorporating ozone technology based disinfection system : Today’s technology offers the opportunity to provide you and your family a high quality, hygienically pure and abundant supply of fresh and clear water. This technology is most commonly referred as “DESALINATION” by REVERSE OSMOSIS.


The Process :

This is a process in which water is forced through the semi permeable membrane having a pore size of 0.0001 micron which is rejects almost all undissolved impurities like dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses and also the dissolved impurities like chloride, fluoride, lead, pesticides, sodium chloride and various other dissolved ions that lead to a bad taste, colour and odour in your drinking water.


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