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In its simplest presentation sea water reverse osmosis system is a membrane process. That acts a molecular filters to remove (Permeable to water not salt and separating pure water and salt solution, by applying external pressure) dissolved mineral, organic, inorganic and heavy metals. It will also remove microbial matter including bacterial spores and viruses, which cannot remove by any ion exchange technique from water and wastewater.


Sea water reverse osmosis has emerged as a serious alternative on other system due to a its operating cost. The minimal use of chemicals makes it environmentally desirable. Reverse osmosis base seawater desalination is a simple process and the operational and maintenance costs are lower over other alternates. It has higher production capacity to space ratio via-a-via other technologies.  Where there are ion exchange techniques, distillation process  & any other processes are not suitable, seawater desalination R.O.Plant is proven alternate. The major cost component in RO is energy i.e. electrical power to operate the RO feed pump.


Bottled water & Beverage plant

electronics and pharmaceuticals industries

hotel/motel application

drinking water installations

boiler & cooling water application


Shipping application

medical / scientific laboratories

Fish processing

swimming pool


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